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The Knee Walker is a great alternative for those individuals who find traditional crutches to be uncomfortable, awkward 

to use or difficult to store. The unique design of the Knee Walker features a comfortable thick knee pad, an easy to operate ergonomic hand brake, and simple folding for storage and transport. Placing the injured leg on the comfortable knee pad avoids the discomfort of putting

pressure on the arms and shoulders from using traditional crutches. The seat and handle are height adjustable for a custom fit. Weight capacity: 300 lbs. (HCPCS: E0118)


  • Injury to the lower extremity that would require patient to be off the foot or leg
  •  Fracture of the foot, ankle or lower leg
  •  Post operative immobilization and non-weight bearing of the foot, ankle or lower leg 
  •  Injury to foot, ankle or lower leg, requiring non-weight bearing
  •  Diabetic foot or leg wounds that require off-loading to heal