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Our customers find instant relief for dry cracked heels with special blends of whipped Shea Butter and pure essential oils that penetrate deep into the skin's layers, providing rich nutrients that both hydrate and nourish the skin. Our Soothing Foot Butter offers a more natural way to bring your skin back to life.

Diabetes can affect every part of the body, including the skin. As many as one third of people with diabetes will have a skin disorder caused or affected by Diabetes at some time in their lives. Diabetic Soles' skincare products are specially formulated for persons who suffer from dry, itchy, irritated skin. By blending medicinal herbs, essential oils and salts, our homemade, all natural Replenishing Body Lotion, Renewing Foot Soak and Soothing Foot Butter offer a more natural way to treat dry and itchy skin that diabetics often experience.  

Diabetes can also cause changes in the skin of your foot. At times your foot may become very dry, peel and even crack due to damage of the nerves that control the oil and moisture in your foot. With the amount of friction our feet are subjected to, the body adds extra layers of skin for protection. These layers build up gradually and before you realize it you have dry, painful, cracked patches and calluses around pressure points like the heel and ball of the foot. Calluses occur more often and build up faster on the feet of people with Diabetes. 

Most skin conditions can be prevented or easily treated if caught early. With daily use of our Replenishing Body Lotion, you can prevent skin from becoming dry and irritated. When used together, Diabetic Soles' Renewing Foot Soak and Soothing Foot Butter will help remove dead and callused skin, allowing new softer, firmer skin to emerge. Order yours today!